Mr Amja Siddique, Oman

I would like to sum it up in one sentence: If you have not tasted a Golden Boronia then you have not tasted a Nougat.


Miss Rebecca Yung, Canada

I use to eat the other almond nougat….I find Golden Boronia’s nougat are crunchier and I can taste the freshness in it.


John & Linda Cooper, Malaysia

Brilliant nougat – better than the French. We would genuinely say..’you’ve tried the rest now try the best – eat Golden Boronia!


Mr Amarnath Pai, India

My first time having melt a Golden Boronia Nougat in my mouth, is an unforgettable experience, as it really stunned me, what’s that delightful taste which I have never found in any other nougats I have tasted before…I love it! It’s variety, crunchiness…every bite has it’s own unforgettable aroma. I was thinking to ask my friend in Australia to buy me Golden Boronia…now that I found Golden Boronia on the website, I would consider to do some ‘Stock-up’ on my own favourite nougat.


Rick & Judy, Northern California, USA

I enjoyed reading the testimonials of people who are addicted as I am to your product – I feel I have found a support group! Thanks for such an exquisite product.